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New ViPS-40!
Discover VMI's soon-to-be-released digitally controlled, uC-based XRF type high voltage power supply!

ViPS-40 Data Sheet

Why Digital?-40kV Digitally Controlled High Voltage Power Supply - ViPS-40

Going digital can lower the system component count. A lower component count means higher reliability and often a smaller footprint.
One chip can control the power supply, protection functions, and output regulation.

Auxiliary functions, such as fan control and data logging, are also easily integrated, reducing the component count even further.

Digital power supplies means the same supply can be configured for different applications. The power supply will be able to support different output voltage and current levels, operating limits, and control inputs, based on your application.

Digital means the user-friendly interface is PC-based. Operating temperatures, output voltage & current and other parameters can be easily displayed.

Other features

  • Programmable output voltage and current set points.
  • Data logging ability
  • Log output voltage and current levels
  • Log filament voltage level
  • Complete digital control loop
  • Programmable soft-start function
  • Over-voltage & over-current protection
  • Thermal protection.
  • Ability to record the life time of X-ray tube
  • Display power supply active hours on user interface.
Expected to be released 4Q 2018, request your sneak preview information.

Standard High Voltage Power Supplies

Up to -50kV 10W Portable XRS X-ray Power Supply• -40kV to -50kV • 100μA - 200μA • 10W
Portable XRS x-ray power supplies are great for applications requiring -50kV and 4W. Lightweight, rugged, compact.

Available in -40kV, 100uA or -50kV 200uA outputs.


12kV High Voltage CRT Power Supply - 400V Adjustable G2 Output

• 11kV to 18kV Adjustable Output Voltage • 0 - 550uA Adjustable Anode Current
CRS power supplies were designed specifically for use with CRT displays - (remember Cathode Ray Tube displays) and sensors? CRTs are still around, and VMI is one of the few sources for CRT power supplies.

Two models available - CRS 6kV-18kV with wire lead.

6W 10kV Start Voltage LP6 HeNe Laser Power Supply - Extrememly Low Ripple Voltage• 10kV • 5mA 6W
The HeNe laser power supply, LP6, features low ripple current, high efficiency, excellent load & line regulation, plus short circuit protection. It comes available in several different DC input voltages and Run Current settings, and positive or negative 10kV start voltage


Other Products

Custom High Voltage Power Supply Designs

VMI specializes in custom high voltage power supplies.

VMI supplies innovative solutions to our customers specifications. Work directly with the engineers at VMI to design a power supply to your specification. We pride ourselves on our customer service, and the fact that our engineers are accessible. We do not shy away from direct customer contact.

Specializing in custom designed high voltage power supplies up to 125kV, 250W

Need a programmable or monitorable output? No problem. Neither are custom packaging, high voltage testing, or other custom features.
Call or E-mail us with your high voltage power supply specs. Quotes are free.

Our products and designs are...
  • 100% guaranteed
We provide...
  • Free estimates
  • No Hidden NREs
We promise...
  • On-time delivery
  • Excellent customer service
  • Non-disclosure
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Last Update: 5 April 2018